The Squeezed Emotions The Squeezed Emotions The Squeezed Emotions
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ISBN: 978-969-662-224-6

This poetry book is like a newborn baby that has come out of excruciation, endurance and stoicism. Every page is engrossed in nervous excitement, meltdowns, mesmerisation, exhilaration and zest, all in one. Every word draws a bead on every reader's emotion; they can take their own meaning from it. In sooth, they can read their own existence into it. The relatability can make them feel heard and give voice to their veiled sentiments. As it gives the readers a valuable space to open up to their notions.

This book welcomes everyone with open arms. Readers can call it their second home or a place they look for where they want to spend “Me Time.”

It’s travel-friendly, they can grab it anywhere and keep it close to their heart, mind and soul.

-Aamnah Shahid


About the Author

Aamnah Shahid lives in Jhelum, the serene city of Pakistan. She's a physically challenged, 24 years old girl, suffering from a chronic health condition called Limb Girdle Muscular Dystrophy. She has done her schooling from Bahria Foundation College Jhelum. She further continued her FSc, Pre-Medical degree from Superior College Jhelum. She got admission in Pharm.D at Quaid e Azam University Islamabad but couldn't pursue it due to her severe disability and university's not so disabled-friendly environment. Despite all the hurdles, she somehow managed to get a degree in Pharmacy Technician from NIMS Jhelum. She's now hungering for higher education and is ready to pull out all the stops. She made her debut book, “The Squeezed Emotions” when she found herself a dead duck. She has thrown herself into management of her family's different Medical setups. She has lent a hand to her brother, Dr. Usman Shahid in running “Shahid Diabetes and Infertility Centre, Mirpur (SDIC).” She's acting as a Managing Director and a Drug Counsellor in SDIC. She's fighting foot and nail for her vision. Her struggles made her write a poetry book that's enriched with one's emotions. She's highly motivated in expressing herself, soon more books will be in the market.